Fromage Blanc

Fromage blanc is a French-style fresh cheese that is similar to fromage frais or crème fraîche. This extremely soft, fresh cream cheese has the consistency of sour cream and a similar tang. The fat content, however, is significantly lower. In France, Fromage blanc is often eaten with fruit and sugar or honey as a dessert, but it can also be used in cooking, as a savory addition to pasta, or as a dip or spread.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Fromage Blanc is an excellent substitute for Chèvre or cream cheese.
  • Mix with pesto or with olive tapanade and serve on fresh baguette or crackers.
  • In place of cream cheese on bagels with smoked salmon, onion and capers
  • Roll Fromage Blanc in a thin slice of prosciutto, heat in oven until just warm and serve with mustard or onion sauce
  • Spread a toasted baguette with Fromage Blanc, drained sun-dried tomato halves and arugula leaves
  • For breakfast or dessert, warm walnut bread and Fromage Blanc are a superb combination.
  • Topping for any mixed green salad (in lieu of a chevre)
  • Brioche filled with fromage and smoked salmon
  • Topping for a Neapolitan pizza (or any other pizza)
  • Various frittatas – zucchini and fromage
    1. Leek, potato and fromage
    2. Smoked salmon, leek and fromage
  • Filling for any omelet
  • Fromage and ricotta pie with polenta crust
  • Any pasta with spinach and fromage blanc
  • Fromage cheesecake
  • Fromage, berries and grand marnier crepes

Bon Appétit!

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