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Shipki News: Farming with a Spoon, Being the Change

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Welcome to the 2016 CSA Season!

Shipki Farm
Whidbey Island CSA
7331 Holst Rd, Clinton , WA 98236


We offer a limited number of shares per season on a first come-first served basis. One share includes a variety of produce (in standard box or small box sizes) each week for
20 weeks, beginning in May and running through October.

Every week you may be given the opportunity to order “add-ons” such as free-range eggs, freshly baked artisan breads, pestos, home-made goods, cut flowers, etc.

Sign up NOW for your 2016 CSA
Below is a sampling of the produce we offer. This list is not all inclusive.
Typical early season (May – July):
Arugula, Gourmet Salad Mix, Lettuces (Dancine, Little Gem, Romaine, Butter crunch, assorted heirloom varieties), Chard (Aurora), Kale, Asian greens (Hon Tsai Tai, Pac Choi, Tatsoi, Yukina Savoy, Malabar spinach), European greens (Endive, Radicchio), Parsley, Chives, Radishes (French Breakfast and Easter Egg), Leeks, Peas (Snow, Sugar Snap), Cabbage (Charmant, Ruby Red Perfection), Spinach, Burdock, Collards (Champion), Broccoli Raab (Sorrento, Zamboni, Bordeaux) and MORE
Mid-season (late June – August):
Most of the above, plus: Beets (Bull’s Blood, Touchstone Gold), Carrots (Mokum, Nutri-Red, Purple Haze), Basil, Cucumbers (Lemon, Crispy Salad, Agnes Pickling), Cilantro, Onions, Scallions, Broccoli (Calabrese, Packman), Raspberries, Kholrabi, Cauliflower (Venus, Cielo Blanco, Purple Graffiti), Tomatoes (Stupice, Sungold, Roma, Brandywine, and other heirloom varieties) and MORE
Peak harvest (early September):
Most of the above, plus: Cabbage (Krautman, Primero Red), Eggplant, Green beans (Concesa, Jade, Soleil, Burgundy), European peppers (Hungarian Wax, Carmen Sweet, Pimento, Red Bell), Hot peppers, Summer squash (Cue Ball, Patty Pan, Yellow Crookneck, Costata Romanesco), Potatoes, Flowers and MORE
Late season (late September – October):
Most early season crops, plus: Garlic and Winter squash (Delicata, Kabocha, Blue Hubbard, Acorn)
Exact amounts of produce are dependent on weather and other factors, but you can expect a generous week’s worth of delicious, completely organic, fresh-as-can-be local produce.
The economy box provides enough for 1-2 adults eating vegetables most days. The Bounty box provides enough for 3-4 people eating vegetables most days.
You will also receive unique & delicious recipes to help you get the most enjoyment from your produce each week.

Sign Me Up for the 2016 Season

Mail the completed form and your check to:

7331 Holst Rd, Clinton, WA 98236




HOME PHONE (___ )__________________________________________

e-mail address_____________________________________________

____Enclosed is a check of $500 for one Bounty share ($25/week)
(a full share is a generous amount of quality produce each week for 20 weeks,
from May 30 – October 10. Enough for 3-4 people)
____Enclosed is a check of $350 for 1 economy share ($17/week)
(a economy share has the same produce as a standard share, but sized for
2 vegetable-loving adults)
____Enclosed is a check for $250 as a deposit, with the remainder due June 16, 2015

Add ons may be available throughout the season:
Free range Eggs $4.50 /doz
Flowers $8.00 bqt
Berries in season $3.00/pt
Charge my card:
Ex date _________________________ Code______________________

Billing address if different than above:__________________________________


If you have questions, call 206-409-6722

We got the beets
We got the beets

2014 Whidbey Island Farm Tour

We’re gearing up to once again be part of the Whidbey Island Farm Tour, the weekend of Sept. 20th and 21st.  We’ll have a market stand at the farm with all kinds of fresh and delicious produce, and hope to have a food cart as well, offering home-made goodies cooked with Shipki fruits and veggies (more on that soon!), as well as tours and activities for the whole family.  New this year, we’re especially excited to be hosting an art show in our 1960s school bus, during the tour, featuring original artwork by five local artists. More details on that to follow!

Current offerings – August 24, 2014

Well, after a long hiatus we have our website back at last – but that doesn’t mean things have been idle here on the farm. We’ve recently added a second hoop house – for even more warm-weather and over winter crops, and have expanded our poultry to include two-dozen ducks. That’s not all of course: this season, we’ve already seen a bumper crop of tomatoes, cucumbers, and summer squash, not to mention peppers and eggplants in our hoop houses. The weather has been on our side, with lots of sun this year. Below is our market sheet for 8/24 – order “a la carte” or sign up for a weekly CSA share:

Pick-up is FRIDAY PM (though if you needed it sooner, we can make that happen) either at the farm in Clinton, or in Langley at NWLA, 5023 Langley Rd, Langley WA 98260.

Green & Red Cabbages (lovely big heads this year) – $2.50lb Rainbow Chard – $3.50 bunch
Gabe’s FAMOUS Gourmet Salad mix $7.50 quart bag 

Arugula – $3.50 large bunch (it’s a bit bug eaten, but tasty!)
Siberian Kale – $3.00
Tatsoi – $3.50 bunch

Parsley, Cilantro, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Dill seed, Green Coriander, Sage, Rosemary, Lemon Balm, Chamomile, Calendula, Borage, Comfrey
Each $3.00 per bundle or get a mixed bouquet for $4.00

Burdock root and stem – $3.50 small bunch

Chive Onion (A Hybrid special Shipki delicacy!) – $3.00 bunch
Chives – $3.00 bunch
Green Onions (big beautiful heads and robust greens) – $3.50
Fresh Garlic Heads – $1.00 ea

Radishes, Easter Egg and April cross – $2.00 bunch – special!
Japanese Turnips – $4.00
Beets – $3.50

Carrots – $4.00 bunch
Potatoes (fresh & tasty, just dug) – $3.50/lb


Many choice heirloom varieties – $5.50/lb
Cherry tomatoes, red & gold – $5.00/pt

Gypsy, Bell, Red & Green and Chocolate (limited quantities) $6.00 / lb

Asian, Long & Purple (limited quantities) – $6.00/lb

Beautiful white heads – $4.00/lb
Cheddar (delicious yellow variety) – $4.00/ lb
Graffiti (It’s purple!) $4.00/ lb

Pickling time!! Salad cukes, Lemon, Agnes and more – $3.50 /lb

String beans:
Yellow, Green & Purple varieties – $3.50/lb

Summer Squash Galore!
Romanesco, Green tiger, Yellow & green crookneck, sunburst, cue ball.. and more! $2.50/lb


Famous Shipki Chicken Eggs
Truly Free-Range from our happy, healthy hens!
1 dozen – $4.50

Fresh Baked Bread

(Baked on day of pick-up
Multi-grain Boule – $6.50
Baguettes – 2 for $5.50

To order: email or call 360-579-2416

~We welcome work trades~