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Josette came to the United States as a youngster and moved to Washington in 1987, when she purchased her current 3 acres from what has been a 35 acre plot owned as early as 1910 by the Williams family. She has been here ever since, putting down not just roots, but Bulgarian roots, meaning that for Josie, having been born in Bulgaria, the relationship to food production is a personal one. “Every culture has it’s roots to it’s origins” Josie says. “Food is one of the most important cultural identifiers. Agriculture and culture come from the idea of cultivation – of finding ways to live and work sustainably and with respect. My family gardened intensively in Bulgaria. This is what I came here to do”.


When not gardening Josette runs the Northwest Language Academy in Langley, a cultural center she founded and direct. The Center is dedicated to providing area individuals, children, and families with an opportunity to experience and appreciate cultural practices around the world.


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